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Screen printing,
digital printing, graphic design

Here at Sun Screen Printing we do a lot more than make T-shirts, we can make Banners, Stickers, Signs, and even Car Graphics, Vehicle Wraps, Truck and Trailer Vinyl. Custom made T-shirts is our specialty, We have over 40 years of family combined experience ready to work for you. 

We take pride in our work and want to make sure every customer leaves happy. My business partner and I were taught by, at the time, the best screen printing outfit in the northwest. We have competitive prices, so if you are currently using a different company to do your printing, give us a call.

Our Design Department offers a wide range of design solutions geared toward the garment decoration business.
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This image illustrates the difference between bitmap and vector images. The bitmap image is composed of a fixed set of pixels, while the vector image is composed of a fixed set of shapes. In the picture, scaling the bitmap reveals the pixels while scaling the vector image preserves the shapes.


image touch-ups

We Provide Expert Photo Retouching. Contact us for More Information. Preparing photos for screen printing services.


digital transfers

Let your creative juices flow, because the design possibilities are endless with out digital full-color custom heat transfers. Our digital heat transfers are ideal for designs with an abundance of shading, gradients. Can be transferred to these materials.100% Cotton - 100% Polyester - Cotton/Polyester Blends - Nylon - Lycra® - Spandex - Waterproof Materials

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We do stickers. banners, and vehicle graphics too.


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