Frequently Asked Questions. Hopefully on this page I can answer some common questions, that, or at least describe some unknown information. The below image is the process summed up in a picture. Of course the variables can change dramatically from job to job.

Setup Fee - Screen Charges - Shop Time


Use of Under Base & Barrier Base

On all PRINTED items, BLACK and dark colored garments require a white under base. This includes an Additional Screen & Film, and could require an additional fee and color in the run charge. 

100% Poly & Pigment Dyed Goods, Camo & Subliminated Fabrics: Due to the inconsistent dye nature of 100% poly garments, an additional barrier gray base screen is required to insure dyes do not migrate into the finished prints. This gives the best look for the finished product. If no under base is printed the finish look will seem muted or warn out. See additional Terms & Conditions for further clarification when printing on these types of fabrics.

Over Sized Garments

All 2X t-shirts (or any other type of garment) cost an additional $1.50 from regular price. All 2X  hoodies cost an additional $3.00 from regular price. This price change is cumulative for every additional size above 2X. ( i.e. A 3X shirt is $3.00 above standard price, a 3X hoodie is $6.00 above standard price) This may not appear with the item picture, however it will be reflected on your quote. You will have the opportunity to review this information before finalizing.

When printing on items that the customer brings in?

Yes, we’ll In a perfect world we would never make mistakes. Since things aren't that way,  we've made a policy of when printing on garmets that we did not supply, we cannot replace them if a mistake happens, like ink spots or leaks in the screen etc. So we like to let our customers know that they will need to supply a replacement.  If we are suppling the garmets then we order new ones at our cost .

Here are just some of the brands we use on a regular basis.

Yakima Custom T-shirt Printing


Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions. 509-388-3344